Build A Cake Reward System

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Uncategorized


As a new interim teacher, I have a lot on my plate and I have some cleaning and organizing to get done. As teachers, we all have students who finish assignments early. Why not ask them to help with some of the teacher load and reward them for doing it?  This Build A Cake Ticket is a system I have implemented during the week.

There is a Work for Cake Bulletin Board where students can choose a task to complete. Once it is approved after satisfactory completion, the student receives a Cake Bar Ticket.

Here are my tasks that they work for cake {they will change as necessary}:

  • Organize a kitchen(s) with proper equipment {use checklist}
  • Organize/alphabetize spice cabinet
  • Clean outside of cabinets with Clorox cleanup
  • Clean inside of cabinets with Clorox cleanup
  • Clean counter tops with Clorox cleanup
  • Organize Magazines
  • Organize craft supplies: markers, scissors, pencils, crayons, glue, etc.
  • Pick up trash off floor, sweeping if necessary.
  • Clean inside of a refrigerator with warm soapy water
  • Wash and/or dry a load of laundry, Fold dish towels/cloths and put away
  • Unload/put away groceries in proper places
  • Complete a blog post sharing your favorite picture(s) from a foods lab.
  • Assist another student who needs help with his/her assignment {not social time}
  • Repeat a lab at home with a parent signature and picture.
  • Load/offload dishwasher

The Build A Cake is a one minute cake mug recipe the student can complete from start to finish in about 5 minutes {including clean-up}. He/she is responsible for washing his/her cup and returning it to the proper cabinet.

Mug Cake Recipe (adapted from the Country Cook)

1 box cake mix of your choice {we choose chocolate the first time around}

1 box angel food mix

I keep a 1 Tablespoon inside the bag for convenience.



  1. Label a gallon size bag with the microwave directions: Mix 3 tablespoons dry mix with 2 tablespoons water.  Stir until foamy. Microwave for 1 minute.
  2. Build your cake as desired with toppings.
  3. Wash, dry and put away your mug when finished.


Suggested Toppings:

  • chocolate or strawberry syrup
  • mini chocolate chips
  • sprinkles
  • frosting {we used funfetti the first time}
  • whipped cream or topping
  • various fruit: cherries, sliced strawberries or other seasonal fruit
  • crushed  oreos
  • Heath topping
  • Ice Cream during warmer months

Be as creative as you like or keep it frugal with frosting only. It looks like a dry chocolate sponge cake when done.


It tastes like a warm cup of cake with goodness according to the kids.


The kids LOVED this treat and look forward to earning a ticket on a weekly basis IF they have extra time to WORK FOR CAKE!


What task(s) would you do for a 1-minute cake?


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