Not Every Biscuit is the Same

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Foods 1

IMG_6947As an experienced biscuit maker, since I was five, I tend to demonstrate my biscuits with very little rolling. In fact, I like to pat and handle my dough as least as possible to have a nice airy, fluffy biscuit. My demo biscuit are pictured above.

However the Foods 1 students enjoyed touching, rolling and cutting their biscuits and they still turned out wonderful. I’m very proud of their first accomplishment in the kitchen.

IMG_6945IMG_6948IMG_6953IMG_6956We realized that not all the oven bake the same even at the same temperature. Some biscuits were darker and lighter than others. But we learned that broiling under direct heat while watching them at all times will help brown them on top.


Only three lost biscuits dropped in the bottom of the oven which had to be rescued.


And we learned fashion is a must in the kitchen 🙂


Working together as a team is fun!

Mrs. Brown


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