Teacher and Student Lesson

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Teacher Tips


An oopsie in one of the lab groups. I, the teacher assumed they knew to remove the paper BEFORE pouring in their quiche filling. Halfway through cooking, the group informed. I tried to rescue the pie and scrape the half set egg mixture back into the pie crust.

It was edible, according to the group, but it had a scrambled egg texture. Oh well, lesson learned by the teacher and the students.

We had some amazing looking quiche pies with incredible colors and impressive texture.


This vegetarian was a favorite with broccoli and mushrooms. YUMMY!



Spinach and red pepper was looking good!


Once again the ovens cooked differently, but I personally like a little browning on top. These looked delish.


Here’s a beauty. I was proud of the quiche lab performed by Foods 1 on this day.

Mrs. Brown



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