Chop, Dice, Julienne and What?

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Foods 1

IMG_7129This week the students learned how to chop, mince, dice, pair, julienne, cube and pare. I demonstrated how to use a chef knife, peeler and we even practiced a new skill, peeling a whole head of garlic.

Guess what we did with our chef skills? We turned the vegetables into some fine potato soup. YUMMY!

IMG_7132Hard at work…

IMG_7133Chef Thomas at work…

IMG_7112Now that’s one finely peeled/pared carrot!

IMG_7134These students are serious about their potato peeling. It’s a group thang.

IMG_7136And the kid’s examples were just as amazing as Mrs. Brown’s!

IMG_7139Yup, they know how to label their work.



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