Popcorn Study Hall {Servsafe}

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Foods 2, Recipes, Teacher Tips


Foods kids are gearing up to take their certification and we are in study hall taking Servsafe tests, quizzes and making flash cards from studystack.com


We printed all the terms and they are creating flash pages to drill themselves.

Or flash cards work too.IMG_7246

They go inside a baggie to keep them organized.


Students can take tests on studystack.com


Enjoying a little popcorn while they cut out flash cards.


Popcorn plus servsafe=study hall fun


Conclusion: POPCORN always help you study a little harder. Today I made four batches of healthy, homemade  kettle corn to keep them focused. I keep it frugal by making it the stove top method using my family recipe here and serving it in throw away paper bags.

We hope to take the exam the week after Spring break. We’ll take a few practice tests before then and continue to study flash cards organized in a baggie.

Popcorn study hall is a hit!



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