Fruit Salsa-Yummy,Yummy!

Posted: March 28, 2014 in Foods 1, Recipes


Foods 1 is wrapping up vitamins and minerals with a fruit salsa and cinnamon chip lab today. The kiddos are making a yummy fruit salsa with beautiful colors, plus learning reviewing how to dice fruits. In addition, they are learning a new skill: how to peel a kiwi using a spoon. Yesterday we watched the youtube and today we are attempting this new skill in lab demo and then individually in lab groups.


We halved this recipe for each lab group. The final verdict: They loved the fruit salsa with the homemade cinnamon chips. A big hit.

These simple ingredients below: {some groups used apple, grape and peach jelly}. Everyone liked their jelly choice. We used leftover jelly from biscuit lab.



Transform into amazing cinnamon chipsIMG_7260

And a colorful vitamin and mineral salsa.



Katie says, “This is the best stuff on the planet.”

Try it and see if you believe it too. Mrs. Brown was reminded how good it is and she’s making it for her kids over Spring Break.



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