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The Foods 1 classes have been working hard studying the food guide plate. They started with an online scavenger hunt at and learned how extensive the website is with information for consumers and health professionals. They even made a food plate model of their own using paper plates.


Some kids wanted two dairy sections to make their plates look like Zoo Pal Plates, lol

What’s on the Foods 1 Students’ Plates?


Ham and Cheese Omelette with 2 veggies

Whole Wheat Toast with jam/jelly/honey


Students had to identify their lab plates with food guide plate colors as a review of this lesson.


They learned terrific omelette skills from a youtube


I do believe it helped the kids achieve success


Some students had trouble, which is expected.


Others took on the challenge well.


Still others made the” perfect omelette”.


They enjoyed the butter toasting station


And the veggie bar to saute his/her veggies was a hit.


I was proud of Thomas for sauteeing his favorite veggies, carrots and broccoli!


Great looking omelettes and a perfect way to reinforce the Food Guide Plate



What goes on behind the scenes of the Underground Cafe? A little prep work goes into a meal for 20 meals.IMG_7435

4 pans of baked ziti


Salad being washed and prepared


Food trays being prepped for delivery: thank you notes


More baked ziti being prepared


Individual dressings poured out


Fresh carrots peeled for the salad


Boxes being labeled with the teacher name and room number, even with a hurt foot!


Fresh bread prepped, ready to broil on delivery day.

Underground Cafe is ready for Friday delivery!


Two weeks ago the Foods 2 class was introduced to entrepreneurship and we dived into our catering business called the Underground Cafe. We sell $5 lunches to the teachers at Owen.

The kids were excited about their new positions that they had to apply for. This week we put those positions into place through management, treasury, secretary, packaging and publicity. Everyone had a flurry of jobs on Friday’s deliver day.

Our menu was a success selling 20 lunches of baked ziti, salad and garlic bread. The kids are learning a lot about the hard work of a small business.


lunches being prepped for delivery

Kids are practicing their Servsafe skills


Our makeshift delivery cart works well. Notice the colorful cutlery the packaging team prepared


They did a great job preparing the to go boxes the day before.


The final count before heading out for delivery on the first and second floor. We have two carts and two delivery teams assembled and ready to go.


I’m quite proud of their first meal and accomplishment, raising $100

Now it’s up to the treasurer to see how much money they earned after the food costs.

Thank you teachers and staff who supported the Underground Cafe this week!!!!


Week 1 took off with a flurry during our first week of food preparation and delivery and we are now posting our menu for week 2.

A Mexican Fiesta of cheese and beef calzone all rolled up into a delicious mouth watering sensation. Not only is it served with home made pound cake, but two sides: tortilla chips with black bean and corn salsa and baby carrots served with ranch.


Teacher Name: _________________________


Room Number: _________________________



  • Mexican Beef Taco calzones
  • tortilla chips with black bean and corn salsa
  • baby carrots served with ranch
  • Homemade pound cake


Please pay exact amount on Fridays. $5


We hope you will join us with this mouth-watering Mexican fiesta and end it with one our newly made shortened cakes, homemade pound cake 🙂


MMMMMM… Hot Fresh Bread

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Foods 2


Foods 2 class is learning new yeast bread skills.  We learned about five types of bread dough and their shapes and practiced in lab today. Check out our before and after photos.

Parkerhouse Rolls



Crescent Rolls


Brioche Braid with egg wash



Italian Cheese Braided Bread


Clover Leaf Rolls



As you can tell, the kids were quite proud of their accomplished bread from scratch. We made two batches of the Artisan Bread in Five brioche dough recipe the day before to accomplish the shaping and braiding today. The kids presented their techniques to the class and shared the samples. MMMMMM…hot fresh bread from the oven.

Hello Fellow teachers,
We are glad you are stopping by our blog filled with food, fun and excitement such as entrepreneurship. Our new menu being served Friday, April 25 is posted. We are happy to have your order via your order form in your teacher box. Please forward to the appropriate teacher box and we look forward to serving you.
A “Deliciouso” blend of Italian cheese, marinara sauce and sausage baked into al dente ziti pasta create this divine dining experience. Sides include a tossed garden salad with your choice of dressing and a crusty piece of French bread.
Teacher Name: _________________________
Room Number: _________________________
It’s Deliciouso!
Menu: Italian Three Cheese Baked Ziti
Crusty French Bread
Tossed Salad
Circle for Ranch or Italian dressing
Please pay exact amount on Fridays. $5


Foods 1 has been studying different cultures and creating posters with fun facts, popular foods and seasonings and foreign recipes. We finished out the week with a dish from a different country. Wouldn’t you know that only two kiddos have tried fried ice-cream before? We indulged in a new recipe Fried Ice Cream (without the fry) to keep it healthier for a teenager’s diet and less mess in foods lab.


The only frying going on was the cornflake, butter and cinnamon mixture.


The cinnamon  aroma brought in the crowd, even visiting teachers.



Take a look at the world’s largest fried ice cream ball!!!!


The average size was a baseball size.


And yes, my baseball player knew how to make the appropriate size 🙂


Lots of chocolate syrup by another baseball player.


The kids were skeptical at first, but they loved fried ice cream, wouldn’t you?


We finished up our lab with a kahoot online game using smart phone technology.


Food, fun and technology. I call that a good day.


It’s a yummo day for Foods 1. We have worked hard all week learning about life stages of nutrition, chronic food condition, food allergies and tolerances. Today we made a skinny low-fat version of these delish mozzarella sticks.

Who can resist working in groups?




The oven timer goes off and it’s time to chow down.


The girls enjoying the pizza sauce, community style {Mrs. B warns them about double dipping!}


 The verdict: YUM Friday!!!!

Watch them closely, they tend to melt quickly, even sooner than the recipe says!

Have you ever made homemade mozzarella sticks?


Most Juniors and Seniors haven’t had an egg hunt since 5th grade. Today I changed all that. The long-awaited entrepreneurship unit is upon us. Foods 2 class jumped into the vocabulary by having an egg hunt filled with candy surprises.


I created 17 eggs with no writing and 26 eggs with the vocabulary on the outside.

The students were assigned 1-2  vocabulary words to define using their entrepreneurship books and


They defined the words on a copy and we pieced a master copy with all the definitions toward the end of class. The master copy was photocopied to cut a part into single definitions.

The students were given 1-2 vocabulary words to hunt in the kitchens.


The challenge was to find your assigned vocab word among 5 kitchens. SUCCESS!


Some students had to check and re-read carefully.


I made the eggs easy to find since they were limited on time and scrambling to find the exact egg.


When is the last time you went on a vocab egg hunt?