Let’s Fry Some Ice Cream, Shall We?

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Foods 1, Recipes


Foods 1 has been studying different cultures and creating posters with fun facts, popular foods and seasonings and foreign recipes. We finished out the week with a dish from a different country. Wouldn’t you know that only two kiddos have tried fried ice-cream before? We indulged in a new recipe Fried Ice Cream (without the fry) to keep it healthier for a teenager’s diet and less mess in foods lab.


The only frying going on was the cornflake, butter and cinnamon mixture.


The cinnamon  aroma brought in the crowd, even visiting teachers.



Take a look at the world’s largest fried ice cream ball!!!!


The average size was a baseball size.


And yes, my baseball player knew how to make the appropriate size 🙂


Lots of chocolate syrup by another baseball player.


The kids were skeptical at first, but they loved fried ice cream, wouldn’t you?


We finished up our lab with a kahoot online game using smart phone technology.


Food, fun and technology. I call that a good day.


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