MMMMMM… Hot Fresh Bread

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Foods 2


Foods 2 class is learning new yeast bread skills.  We learned about five types of bread dough and their shapes and practiced in lab today. Check out our before and after photos.

Parkerhouse Rolls



Crescent Rolls


Brioche Braid with egg wash



Italian Cheese Braided Bread


Clover Leaf Rolls



As you can tell, the kids were quite proud of their accomplished bread from scratch. We made two batches of the Artisan Bread in Five brioche dough recipe the day before to accomplish the shaping and braiding today. The kids presented their techniques to the class and shared the samples. MMMMMM…hot fresh bread from the oven.

  1. This is SO cool – if I could go back & only learn ONE thing in high school – it would be how to make this great bread! It’s the same kind I make now, but I didn’t have the privilege of learning it till much later in life!

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