Behind the Scenes of the Underground Cafe

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Foods 2, Underground Cafe Menu


Two weeks ago the Foods 2 class was introduced to entrepreneurship and we dived into our catering business called the Underground Cafe. We sell $5 lunches to the teachers at Owen.

The kids were excited about their new positions that they had to apply for. This week we put those positions into place through management, treasury, secretary, packaging and publicity. Everyone had a flurry of jobs on Friday’s deliver day.

Our menu was a success selling 20 lunches of baked ziti, salad and garlic bread. The kids are learning a lot about the hard work of a small business.


lunches being prepped for delivery

Kids are practicing their Servsafe skills


Our makeshift delivery cart works well. Notice the colorful cutlery the packaging team prepared


They did a great job preparing the to go boxes the day before.


The final count before heading out for delivery on the first and second floor. We have two carts and two delivery teams assembled and ready to go.


I’m quite proud of their first meal and accomplishment, raising $100

Now it’s up to the treasurer to see how much money they earned after the food costs.

Thank you teachers and staff who supported the Underground Cafe this week!!!!


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