Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Foods 2, Recipes


Foods 2 started the cake unit with a bang; 5 cakes to be exact. The students made shortened and unshortened homemade cakes and I was pleased to see the cakes turned out so well. Youtube videos truly make a difference allowing kids to see what the product should like as they are making it. It’s amazing how many video clips are out there on the specific food you are making. Youtube is perfect for teachers like myself who have never made “cooked” frosting. Shhhhh… Okay, I did admit to the kids I’ve never made it, but now they can say they’ve made it at least once.

Our cake line up was three flavored pound cakes and two angel food cakes. I allowed them to be creative with their own extract. The strawberry pound cake was a huge hit. This was day one of lab.

The groups learned more about overmixing and why the top of the cake cracks.

Day two consisted of three different cooked frostings of their choice. They selected Swiss Butter Cream Icing, German Butter Cream Icing or French Butter Cream Icing. They learned the process of using a thermometer with cooked icings.




The strawberry pound cake group took the cake with their strawberry French Buttercream and decorative icing.


The German Buttercream did not turn out as well as the group had hoped, but still very edible, just not as pretty.

The Swiss Buttercream group turned theirs into chocolate and it also looked grainy, but completely edible.


The Angel Food group that chose the French Buttercream made theirs into a light and fluffy icing and theirs won out in the angel food category.





This group had a creative addition to the batter: Mountain Dew

Tomorrow the class will be making two more pound cakes for this week’s Underground Cafe Menu. Now, they are experienced cake bakers 🙂 Seven cakes in one week!!!

This cake and frosting lab was a huge hit and big experience for homemade cakes and icings from the ground up. No cake boxes or frosting tubs in our kitchen!

Fantastic job, Foods 2 class.



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