Pantry Challenge Third Period

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Foods 1


We finished up Competency 5 with a Pantry Challenge. Mrs. Brown wanted to use up ingredients she had on hand while introducing the next topic of food budgeting and menu planning. The kids were allowed to choose what they wanted to make in lab on a $5 or less budget.


Mrs. Brown wrote all the food items she had on hand and groups were required to choose at least 2 of her items.


The kids did an ingredient search using a food item. Mrs. Brown showed them how to do a search on a recipe website, such as allrecipes. We brainstormed ideas using pantry items.


The student’s recipes  were all very diverse!


Tacos in a Bag!

These were portable and yummy. Britnee and Rose



We kind of did it on our own. We made up our own recipe with the guide of one. It turned out great.



Banana Pudding

Our experience with the banana pudding was great! we had so much fun and want to make it again!! -Katie Tipton




This was awesome! I loved being able to make whatever I want. The crepes were delicious!  Veronika


Tomorrow they will share their recipes, youtube kitchen tip, food costs and feedback to the class.

The students enjoyed this project very much. We plan to do this again at the end of the year.

When you have amazing looking food like this, why not?



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