Underground Cafe Creates 22 Meals

Posted: May 3, 2014 in Foods 2

Do you want to see 22 meals in action?


This is week 2 of the Underground Cafe and the kids are already taking to the positions well. I am especially proud of the packaging team and the presentation of the trays with condiments, cutlery,veggies, chips and cake on the side.



Everything somehow comes together after 45 minutes into class and delivery takes place at 10:45 for Smart Lunch at 11.


The manager and assistant manager, Megans as I call them, take out their Mexican Calzones.


Golden hot calzones being placed into the food trays.


What a great looking lunch, guys!


22 trays ready to go.


The two carts ready to go to the first and second floor.

IMG_7531Dow is one of our delivery guys.

IMG_7529Week 2, the Underground Cafe sold 18 meals and raised $85. Way to go team!!!! Now what’s on the menu for week 3?



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