Cinco De Mayo Recipe-Choco Tacos

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Foods 1, Recipes


Friday I introduced Cinco De Mayo Foods with interesting facts and Dude Food’s choco taco recipe. We finished with a locating a recipe with a Mexican culture discussing herbs and spices common to the area.

Today we celebrated Cinco De Mayo with Chocolate Covered Ice cream Tacos.

This opened up our last unit on cost-saving strategies, homemade verses store-bought and menu planning.

Today, we used store-bought tortillas for this lab and tomorrow we will make homemade tortillas comparing the cost. We had a discussion on time saving factors for using store-bought and pre-made items such as the tortillas, ice cream and even magic shell.


The homemade magic shell we made today was excellent. I made two batches in a double boiler, enough for both Foods 1 classes.

My recommendations for doing this as a class:

  • Make the magic shell ahead of time so it has time to cool off.
  • Cool the taco shells about 5 minutes before filling them with ice cream. {I used one 5 gallon generic tub of Laura Lynn for 2 classes}.
  • Fill the taco shells with ice cream and allow them to harden in the freezer as long as possible. {We waited while we had a 15 minute class discussion}.
  • Dip the shells in the magic shell or use a spoon to pour the chocolate on top if the ice cream is melting.
  • Sprinkle with candy sprinkles in the cake isle or nuts {we had a student allergic to nuts}.



Make ahead and allow to cool. It lasted through two classes without setting up 🙂



Freeze for about 15 minutes or longer.



One bite and they were in love…



The kiddos devoured 40 of these on Cinco De Mayo.


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