Homemade Tortillas

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Foods 1, Online Teacher Tools, Recipes


We continued our study of store-bought verses homemade with day two making homemade tortillas. Yesterday our store-bought tortillas were made into choco tacos for Cinco De Mayo Day. I wanted to use the self-rising flour we had on hand and I found this tortilla recipe using this ingredient. Usually I prepare my own recipe with hot water and white wheat flour, but I’m trying to practice cost saving strategies and we are coming close to the end of the year.


Our simple ingredients we used.


Learning to roll the tortilla flat from the center out…


Learning when to flip…


Yummy, lightly browned…


It got a little messy…

We watched this youtube to acquaint them to the tortilla technique.

The kids were asked to bring their own fillings for their homemade tortillas. Suggestions were:

  • refried beans
  • cheese
  • fresh fruit for rolling up in a cinnamon sugar tortilla
  • meat or chicken {which no one brought}

I actually suggest keeping the fillings simple to beans, cheese or fruit since it took the kids a while to get the hang of rolling out the dough thinly.


The tortillas got yummier with the fillings.

Now for the math lesson on unit pricing:


We discovered homemade was 10 cents cheaper per tortilla!


The end result was a soft, lightly browned tortilla with a fresh, homemade taste. Now the students can say they have made homemade tortillas at least once in their life 🙂

Our discussion questions:

  • How do the prep times differ?
  • How does the cost per serving compare?
  • How do the appearance and flavor compare?
  • Which product do you prefer? Why?
  • In what situations might you use the store-bought tortillas? The homemade tortillas?



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