Homemade Pasta Lab {without a machine}

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Foods 2, Online Teacher Tools, Recipes


Foods 2 had their last lab of the year with a shebang. I wanted the students to have a real experience they would never forget. Okay, they will probably only make homemade pasta once in their lifetime, but hey, at least they will have said they’ve tried it.

After watching youtube emphasizing the importance of rolling out the dough THIN, the students still had a hard time grasping the concept. We had one group who did well rolling out thinly and had an end product that resembled egg noodles.

The other groups had a thicker noodle, much like fettuccine  which took much longer to cook than the indicated recipe from Pioneer Woman. I was hoping they would take the tips more seriously, but they were quite eager to get the noodles cut out quickly.

Overall, I think it was a fantastic experience for them to learn how to make scratch made pasta and the importance of rolling it out thinly and keeping the strips even.

The finished products looked beautiful which was a plus and the adapted Chicken Pasta Sauce from Pioneer Woman was a hit! Most of them preferred Alfredo over Red and we substituted the sauce. The flavor of the garlic and onion was outstanding and lured teachers over to the foods lab.

Here’s the proof they started from scratch:



Lots of rolling and re-rolling and lots of flour.


All smiles getting ready to let the dough rest for 15 minutes.


On with the scrumptious smelling chicken


Add the alfredo, yum


Rolling out the dough


It’s tedious work.


Adding the strips to salted boiling water.


Some liked it all mixed together.


Some liked it on top of the homemade pasta. This looks like restaurant quality!!!

I’m very proud of the Foods 2 students making homemade pasta without a machine for their very first time!


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