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Foods 2 had their last lab of the year with a shebang. I wanted the students to have a real experience they would never forget. Okay, they will probably only make homemade pasta once in their lifetime, but hey, at least they will have said they’ve tried it.

After watching youtube emphasizing the importance of rolling out the dough THIN, the students still had a hard time grasping the concept. We had one group who did well rolling out thinly and had an end product that resembled egg noodles.

The other groups had a thicker noodle, much like fettuccine  which took much longer to cook than the indicated recipe from Pioneer Woman. I was hoping they would take the tips more seriously, but they were quite eager to get the noodles cut out quickly.

Overall, I think it was a fantastic experience for them to learn how to make scratch made pasta and the importance of rolling it out thinly and keeping the strips even.

The finished products looked beautiful which was a plus and the adapted Chicken Pasta Sauce from Pioneer Woman was a hit! Most of them preferred Alfredo over Red and we substituted the sauce. The flavor of the garlic and onion was outstanding and lured teachers over to the foods lab.

Here’s the proof they started from scratch:



Lots of rolling and re-rolling and lots of flour.


All smiles getting ready to let the dough rest for 15 minutes.


On with the scrumptious smelling chicken


Add the alfredo, yum


Rolling out the dough


It’s tedious work.


Adding the strips to salted boiling water.


Some liked it all mixed together.


Some liked it on top of the homemade pasta. This looks like restaurant quality!!!

I’m very proud of the Foods 2 students making homemade pasta without a machine for their very first time!



Foods 2 has wrapped up the business portion with its final meal catering to teachers. They’ve realized serving 20 teachers is a lot of hard work. All of their efforts have paid off with a little extra funds in the foods budget and some tasty meals to sample each Friday for four weeks.


One comment I received from a teacher was the best meal of them all!


The prep work for this final meal began on Thursday with homemade breadsticks.


The final product was baked on Friday.


The usual packaging was done on Thursday.

Menu: Chicken Alfredo Lasgana

Homemade Bread sticks

Copycat Olive Garden Salad

Lemon Chiffon Pie

As you can tell, very little pictures of final products, kids were in a hurry for prom night and Mrs. Brown didn’t capture quite as many pictures as she intended. The kids have learned the business aspects well through hands-on catering, marketing, etc.


Our cupcake project continues on day two with frosting. The kids had the responsibility of selecting a youtube for the frosting technique and using the appropriate tip. They also had to set-up their own photo shoot using prop(s) for the the blog.

They came up with some gorgeous photos and realized that beautiful pictures speak volumes. These are the types of cupcakes that we hand delivered to the teachers with their meals from the Underground Cafe on Friday.


Key Lime Cupcakes


Yummy graham cracker frosting


Funfetti Cupcakes


Sprinkles makes everything better;0


Hot chocolate cupcake, yum chocolate…


What a blue pop on the white icing!!!


Cinnamon Bun cupcake, can’t you just taste the cinnamon?


Love the green and purple for Spring.


The gorgeous red velvet cupcake


The red sugar takes it to the next level.

Way to go Foods 2 for baking homemade cupcakes from scratch, making frosting and creating an awesome photo shoot!


Our cupcake project began with the Foods 2 selection from

The Foods 2 class chose the cupcake and frosting they wanted to make.

We had quite the selection of cupcakes when it was all over.


Funfetti and cinnamon bun cupcakes


Hot chocolate and key lime waiting the yummy frosting.


Gorgeous red velvet waiting screaming for the cream cheese frosting.

We will frost these on day 2.


This is a great way to stretch food costs of chicken marsala, yet enjoy all the same flavors. We all agreed it was fantastic when we ran this protype for the the business. Here it is on our week 3 menu with homemade caesar salad, store-bought french bread and a homemade cupcake from our cupcake lab this week.



The Foods 2 do an excellent job with packaging and presentation. This week we delivered 12 meals and sold 5 in the classroom.

Can’t you just taste the marsala chicken?

Do you want to see 22 meals in action?


This is week 2 of the Underground Cafe and the kids are already taking to the positions well. I am especially proud of the packaging team and the presentation of the trays with condiments, cutlery,veggies, chips and cake on the side.



Everything somehow comes together after 45 minutes into class and delivery takes place at 10:45 for Smart Lunch at 11.


The manager and assistant manager, Megans as I call them, take out their Mexican Calzones.


Golden hot calzones being placed into the food trays.


What a great looking lunch, guys!


22 trays ready to go.


The two carts ready to go to the first and second floor.

IMG_7531Dow is one of our delivery guys.

IMG_7529Week 2, the Underground Cafe sold 18 meals and raised $85. Way to go team!!!! Now what’s on the menu for week 3?


Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Foods 2, Recipes


Foods 2 started the cake unit with a bang; 5 cakes to be exact. The students made shortened and unshortened homemade cakes and I was pleased to see the cakes turned out so well. Youtube videos truly make a difference allowing kids to see what the product should like as they are making it. It’s amazing how many video clips are out there on the specific food you are making. Youtube is perfect for teachers like myself who have never made “cooked” frosting. Shhhhh… Okay, I did admit to the kids I’ve never made it, but now they can say they’ve made it at least once.

Our cake line up was three flavored pound cakes and two angel food cakes. I allowed them to be creative with their own extract. The strawberry pound cake was a huge hit. This was day one of lab.

The groups learned more about overmixing and why the top of the cake cracks.

Day two consisted of three different cooked frostings of their choice. They selected Swiss Butter Cream Icing, German Butter Cream Icing or French Butter Cream Icing. They learned the process of using a thermometer with cooked icings.




The strawberry pound cake group took the cake with their strawberry French Buttercream and decorative icing.


The German Buttercream did not turn out as well as the group had hoped, but still very edible, just not as pretty.

The Swiss Buttercream group turned theirs into chocolate and it also looked grainy, but completely edible.


The Angel Food group that chose the French Buttercream made theirs into a light and fluffy icing and theirs won out in the angel food category.





This group had a creative addition to the batter: Mountain Dew

Tomorrow the class will be making two more pound cakes for this week’s Underground Cafe Menu. Now, they are experienced cake bakers 🙂 Seven cakes in one week!!!

This cake and frosting lab was a huge hit and big experience for homemade cakes and icings from the ground up. No cake boxes or frosting tubs in our kitchen!

Fantastic job, Foods 2 class.


What goes on behind the scenes of the Underground Cafe? A little prep work goes into a meal for 20 meals.IMG_7435

4 pans of baked ziti


Salad being washed and prepared


Food trays being prepped for delivery: thank you notes


More baked ziti being prepared


Individual dressings poured out


Fresh carrots peeled for the salad


Boxes being labeled with the teacher name and room number, even with a hurt foot!


Fresh bread prepped, ready to broil on delivery day.

Underground Cafe is ready for Friday delivery!


Two weeks ago the Foods 2 class was introduced to entrepreneurship and we dived into our catering business called the Underground Cafe. We sell $5 lunches to the teachers at Owen.

The kids were excited about their new positions that they had to apply for. This week we put those positions into place through management, treasury, secretary, packaging and publicity. Everyone had a flurry of jobs on Friday’s deliver day.

Our menu was a success selling 20 lunches of baked ziti, salad and garlic bread. The kids are learning a lot about the hard work of a small business.


lunches being prepped for delivery

Kids are practicing their Servsafe skills


Our makeshift delivery cart works well. Notice the colorful cutlery the packaging team prepared


They did a great job preparing the to go boxes the day before.


The final count before heading out for delivery on the first and second floor. We have two carts and two delivery teams assembled and ready to go.


I’m quite proud of their first meal and accomplishment, raising $100

Now it’s up to the treasurer to see how much money they earned after the food costs.

Thank you teachers and staff who supported the Underground Cafe this week!!!!


Week 1 took off with a flurry during our first week of food preparation and delivery and we are now posting our menu for week 2.

A Mexican Fiesta of cheese and beef calzone all rolled up into a delicious mouth watering sensation. Not only is it served with home made pound cake, but two sides: tortilla chips with black bean and corn salsa and baby carrots served with ranch.


Teacher Name: _________________________


Room Number: _________________________



  • Mexican Beef Taco calzones
  • tortilla chips with black bean and corn salsa
  • baby carrots served with ranch
  • Homemade pound cake


Please pay exact amount on Fridays. $5


We hope you will join us with this mouth-watering Mexican fiesta and end it with one our newly made shortened cakes, homemade pound cake 🙂