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Foods 2 had their last lab of the year with a shebang. I wanted the students to have a real experience they would never forget. Okay, they will probably only make homemade pasta once in their lifetime, but hey, at least they will have said they’ve tried it.

After watching youtube emphasizing the importance of rolling out the dough THIN, the students still had a hard time grasping the concept. We had one group who did well rolling out thinly and had an end product that resembled egg noodles.

The other groups had a thicker noodle, much like fettuccine  which took much longer to cook than the indicated recipe from Pioneer Woman. I was hoping they would take the tips more seriously, but they were quite eager to get the noodles cut out quickly.

Overall, I think it was a fantastic experience for them to learn how to make scratch made pasta and the importance of rolling it out thinly and keeping the strips even.

The finished products looked beautiful which was a plus and the adapted Chicken Pasta Sauce from Pioneer Woman was a hit! Most of them preferred Alfredo over Red and we substituted the sauce. The flavor of the garlic and onion was outstanding and lured teachers over to the foods lab.

Here’s the proof they started from scratch:



Lots of rolling and re-rolling and lots of flour.


All smiles getting ready to let the dough rest for 15 minutes.


On with the scrumptious smelling chicken


Add the alfredo, yum


Rolling out the dough


It’s tedious work.


Adding the strips to salted boiling water.


Some liked it all mixed together.


Some liked it on top of the homemade pasta. This looks like restaurant quality!!!

I’m very proud of the Foods 2 students making homemade pasta without a machine for their very first time!



We continued our study of store-bought verses homemade with day two making homemade tortillas. Yesterday our store-bought tortillas were made into choco tacos for Cinco De Mayo Day. I wanted to use the self-rising flour we had on hand and I found this tortilla recipe using this ingredient. Usually I prepare my own recipe with hot water and white wheat flour, but I’m trying to practice cost saving strategies and we are coming close to the end of the year.


Our simple ingredients we used.


Learning to roll the tortilla flat from the center out…


Learning when to flip…


Yummy, lightly browned…


It got a little messy…

We watched this youtube to acquaint them to the tortilla technique.

The kids were asked to bring their own fillings for their homemade tortillas. Suggestions were:

  • refried beans
  • cheese
  • fresh fruit for rolling up in a cinnamon sugar tortilla
  • meat or chicken {which no one brought}

I actually suggest keeping the fillings simple to beans, cheese or fruit since it took the kids a while to get the hang of rolling out the dough thinly.


The tortillas got yummier with the fillings.

Now for the math lesson on unit pricing:


We discovered homemade was 10 cents cheaper per tortilla!


The end result was a soft, lightly browned tortilla with a fresh, homemade taste. Now the students can say they have made homemade tortillas at least once in their life 🙂

Our discussion questions:

  • How do the prep times differ?
  • How does the cost per serving compare?
  • How do the appearance and flavor compare?
  • Which product do you prefer? Why?
  • In what situations might you use the store-bought tortillas? The homemade tortillas?



The Foods 1 classes have been working hard studying the food guide plate. They started with an online scavenger hunt at and learned how extensive the website is with information for consumers and health professionals. They even made a food plate model of their own using paper plates.


Some kids wanted two dairy sections to make their plates look like Zoo Pal Plates, lol

What’s on the Foods 1 Students’ Plates?


Ham and Cheese Omelette with 2 veggies

Whole Wheat Toast with jam/jelly/honey


Students had to identify their lab plates with food guide plate colors as a review of this lesson.


They learned terrific omelette skills from a youtube


I do believe it helped the kids achieve success


Some students had trouble, which is expected.


Others took on the challenge well.


Still others made the” perfect omelette”.


They enjoyed the butter toasting station


And the veggie bar to saute his/her veggies was a hit.


I was proud of Thomas for sauteeing his favorite veggies, carrots and broccoli!


Great looking omelettes and a perfect way to reinforce the Food Guide Plate



Most Juniors and Seniors haven’t had an egg hunt since 5th grade. Today I changed all that. The long-awaited entrepreneurship unit is upon us. Foods 2 class jumped into the vocabulary by having an egg hunt filled with candy surprises.


I created 17 eggs with no writing and 26 eggs with the vocabulary on the outside.

The students were assigned 1-2  vocabulary words to define using their entrepreneurship books and


They defined the words on a copy and we pieced a master copy with all the definitions toward the end of class. The master copy was photocopied to cut a part into single definitions.

The students were given 1-2 vocabulary words to hunt in the kitchens.


The challenge was to find your assigned vocab word among 5 kitchens. SUCCESS!


Some students had to check and re-read carefully.


I made the eggs easy to find since they were limited on time and scrambling to find the exact egg.


When is the last time you went on a vocab egg hunt?

What is Kahoot?

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Online Teacher Tools


Our kids are KAHOOOTING and loving it!

Our kids love the interactive music and using their devices for online play. I check out laptops for students who don’t have a phone.

I allow students to create class quizzes and I have created a final review for their test.

What’s great about it? I can do a print out and see which questions they missed so I’ll know what specific info to review or reteach 🙂 This makes this teacher happier 🙂 🙂


What is it?

Kahoot is a collection of questions on specific topics. Created by teachers, students, business-people and social users, they are asked in real-time, to an unlimited number of “players”, creating a social, fun and game-like learning environment.

It can be used for a quiz, quick poll or survey. Here are some links to get your class started:

  • Link to more information about Kahoot.
  • Youtube how to play.
  • Where to create and begin kahoot.

We are using for a review for a test.

Enjoy Kahooting, we do!!

A small contribution video, from PBS, to one of the greatest chefs ever, Julia Child! You can find the video hereShe was one of the best chefs in my opinion and has many achievements from her momentous life! Even now she has a charity foundation that give grants to people who are looking to pursue a life of culinary arts! Hope you will enjoy this as much as I did!