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Most Juniors and Seniors haven’t had an egg hunt since 5th grade. Today I changed all that. The long-awaited entrepreneurship unit is upon us. Foods 2 class jumped into the vocabulary by having an egg hunt filled with candy surprises.


I created 17 eggs with no writing and 26 eggs with the vocabulary on the outside.

The students were assigned 1-2  vocabulary words to define using their entrepreneurship books and


They defined the words on a copy and we pieced a master copy with all the definitions toward the end of class. The master copy was photocopied to cut a part into single definitions.

The students were given 1-2 vocabulary words to hunt in the kitchens.


The challenge was to find your assigned vocab word among 5 kitchens. SUCCESS!


Some students had to check and re-read carefully.


I made the eggs easy to find since they were limited on time and scrambling to find the exact egg.


When is the last time you went on a vocab egg hunt?


No Waste {Freeze It}

Posted: March 28, 2014 in Foods 1, Teacher Tips

IMG_7257 We typically have leftover materials from each lab and I immediately date it before putting it away. I also date items I open for the refrigerator or pantry in order to keep it fresh. I always consider whether we can incorporate it in another lab during the week. If not, I freeze it. Leftover Alfredo sauce from pizza lab can be frozen in a ziploc bag. It goes in the freezer in my tub of ingredients. I may start a freezer inventory like I have at home to keep me further organized. Click here for the inventory.     I can easily check the tub to see if I have any ingredients on hand before I head to the grocery store.  IMG_7258

Do you have a freezer tub of ingredients?


Foods kids are gearing up to take their certification and we are in study hall taking Servsafe tests, quizzes and making flash cards from


We printed all the terms and they are creating flash pages to drill themselves.

Or flash cards work too.IMG_7246

They go inside a baggie to keep them organized.


Students can take tests on


Enjoying a little popcorn while they cut out flash cards.


Popcorn plus servsafe=study hall fun


Conclusion: POPCORN always help you study a little harder. Today I made four batches of healthy, homemade  kettle corn to keep them focused. I keep it frugal by making it the stove top method using my family recipe here and serving it in throw away paper bags.

We hope to take the exam the week after Spring break. We’ll take a few practice tests before then and continue to study flash cards organized in a baggie.

Popcorn study hall is a hit!


Will Work For Cake

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Teacher Tips

IMG_7212Yes, the kiddos will work for cake reward on Fridays. It’s our one minute mug cake recipe that makes them work a little harder, a little faster and little happier on Fridays:)


Teacher and Student Lesson

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Teacher Tips


An oopsie in one of the lab groups. I, the teacher assumed they knew to remove the paper BEFORE pouring in their quiche filling. Halfway through cooking, the group informed. I tried to rescue the pie and scrape the half set egg mixture back into the pie crust.

It was edible, according to the group, but it had a scrambled egg texture. Oh well, lesson learned by the teacher and the students.

We had some amazing looking quiche pies with incredible colors and impressive texture.


This vegetarian was a favorite with broccoli and mushrooms. YUMMY!



Spinach and red pepper was looking good!


Once again the ovens cooked differently, but I personally like a little browning on top. These looked delish.


Here’s a beauty. I was proud of the quiche lab performed by Foods 1 on this day.

Mrs. Brown